EGM 2: Electric Boogaloo

It's EGM time (again)!

We have one wonderful new candidate for the committee this time.


Radio Officer

Chris George

Hi Everyone,

My name is Chris and I am applying for the Radio rep position. I have been in MPS for three years and have played the trombone and sung with Frinje, Blues band and big band over that time. I normally study biology but I love nothing more than sitting down and having a good chat with people to get to know them. This is why I want to be radio officer this year. I want to use the platform to create a hub of MPS activity, having different society members on air each week to give us all the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. 

My plans for this not to miss show include weekly guest appearances and interviews with you (the lovely and vivacious MPS members), strange and exciting games, music weeks where we put a spotlight on specific genres of music with the band reps, and of course a steaming cup of news and hot goss from MPS.  I will happily lull you (my glorious listeners) into a state of content bliss on a weekly basis with my silky-smooth voice while exciting you with my rousing and electrifying content.

I look forward to your votes.

Forever yours